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Our clients have raved about what a "quick," "fast," "easy," and "communicative," process we have. 

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You reach out. We do our research. We provide you a quick, no-obligation offer. You decide. We finalize our in-depth research. We prepare the closing documents. We schedule a Public Notary who has the closing documents and your payment. You don't wait for your payment at closing. We do everything else to transfer the ownership.  We handle everything, talk to you about it, and take away one complicated factor in your life, and you gain a change in your human experience. 

You do not want complicated, and neither do we. We want to remove assumptions of the mineral selling experience. We want to be on the same page as you from the start until you tell us that you are satisfied with the experience. 

A look further in depth of our process


We look at: 

Royalty income

Frequency of royalty income 

Decline curves 


Lease rates 

Lease terms 

Near by activity 

Offer Letter


We produce an offer letter that shows what you own, where you own it, and what we intend to buy


We dig deeper into your ownership. We look for potential issues and come up with solutions to any issues. We work to curate any legal or estate work, as needed

Review Deed 

You review the deed in order to ask questions and understand the conveyance. 

Meet with a Notary Public 

Meet and sign with a certified, professional Notary Public based on a time and location that works for you 

Receive Check 

The Notary Public will give you your check at the same time as signing the deed.


There is no waiting for payment after closing

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