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Own Mineral Rights?
How Can Selling Mineral Rights Aid Your Story? 

Asking Different Questions Leads to Different Answers

A mineral end buyer interested in supporting those interested in selling their mineral rights

   Could selling mineral rights give you opportunities that you have dreamed about? Do you identify with the sharing of stories that start with "If only" with your friends and loved ones? Do you resonate with the thoughts that start with "If I had extra money....?"

Orr know of stories that are held back because of financial logistics?


   Have you ever thought to yourself what is the trade-off of hassle, unsolicited offers, estate administration, lack of certainty, and the tax man visit? Could the trade-off be something along the lines of savings, health care, education, and lifestyle changes? We would like to work with you to buy your mineral rights to aid in greater opportunities for you. 


You are entertaining the thought of selling your mineral rights. If you want an honest, transparent, competitive company to work with, then we believe that our expertise, customer-centered focus, and competitiveness, will be the company you are looking for.



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Our flipping sales


I sold my Texas mineral interests to ECM Resources. The transaction went as smooth as I could of hoped. Emily sent a handwritten thank you note afterwards to thank me for my time and how much she enjoyed speaking to me and helping me with the transaction. It took my breath away when I received it, because who does that anymore.

ECM Resources was very friend and knowledgeable. Everything was explained completely to me, no pressure regarding my decision. I decided to work with ECM because there was no pressure, the knowledge, and the professionalism. I was spoken to like a friend who had my best interests in mind. Thank you ECM for all of your help and efficiency in handling of this transaction. I have been contacted by many interested buyers but you stood out as the most upfront and genuine of all. 

In my opinion, the personal touch makes all the difference. Most mineral buyers are very pushy and ECM offered a much more relaxed approach, which goes to show their confidence in what they do. My impression was that it was much more friendly and sophisticated in  knowledge of mineral acquisitions. 

HOW SIMPLE THE CLOSING PROCESS WAS. Thinking back on it, I still can not believe it was as easy as they said

I liked the communication and the thoughtfulness I received from working with ECM the best. I chose to work with ECM because of the level of service and follow up on my concerns. I would feel comfortable recommending ECM's services to my friends and family. 

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