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Company Profile

We are a company you want to work with........let us show you why

ECM Resources was born from a generational oil and gas family. It was found that the lack of transparency, knowledge, and overall competence of companies to treat clients like humans was missing, while doing a highly rated job for the understanding of the oil and gas industry and transactions. Emily McCulliss, the founder, wanted to make a company using her knowledge and wide array of skills to demonstrate to clients there is someone in oil and gas that understands not only oil and gas but also give a human touch. It is with great satisfaction that  the company culture of ECM Resources proves success over and over again using the feedback we get from happy clients. 

The belief that clients want someone to talk to, understand what they are selling, and not waiting for payment are a few factors that has ECM Resources in an advantage over many companies. We understand the business but we are founded on the alignment of what we do best and how that can benefit our clients for the change of their stories and overall enhancement of the human experience. 

Mineral rights are complicated selling them doesn't have to be  

A little bit about our Founder

Emily McCulliss is an extreme athlete participating in Ironman sporting events and long endurance adventures 

She is an extreme nature photographer mostly involving pelagic species, extreme landscapes, and novel wildlife experiences 

Is a family woman

She has created a company culture that has benefited so many people both financially and intrinsically and wants to grow that culture. 

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